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Leg Drop Gun Holster Wrap

Drop Down Leg Wrap for Holster

Custom-fit leg holster dropdown. Not a one-size-fits-all we have multiple sizes of the leg wrap so we can ensure that you will get one that fits you. With our mesh and buckle style setup, you will have the most comfort and reliability while using the leg wrap. You provide your holster.

*Holster not included

K-9 Dog Harness 

A Strong Harness with plastic on the back to protect the dog while crawling under things. There are also two sturdy handles on the back so picking up the dog can be even easier. Customizing the dog harness for your department. We can sew on Velcro for the exact size of the patches that are used by the department. Custom name tapes can also be sewn onto the dog.

NOT ALL DOGS ARE EQUAL IN SIZE. We have a standard size harness that has room for adjustments but we understand that some dogs may be a little smaller than others so we can accommodate that and tailor it to your dog.

Hygiene Pouch

This pouch is set up to hold a box of gloves with the dimensions of    8.5-10 in. L x 5 in. W x 2.6 H. The pouch for the disinfectant wipes is adjustable with the max diameter of 4 in.

There is a adjustable strap on the top of the pouch so that it can be left on the head rest in the patrol car for easy access.

Peerless Handcuffs 

Peerless® Chain Link and Hinge Handcuffs meet or exceed the National Institute of Justice standards for workmanship, mechanical strength, tamper resistance and corrosion resistance.

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