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Leg Drop Gun Holster Wrap

Drop Down Leg Wrap for Holster

Custom-fit leg holster dropdown. Not a one-size-fits-all we have multiple sizes of the leg wrap so we can ensure that you will get one that fits you. With our mesh and buckle style setup, you will have the most comfort and reliability while using the leg wrap. You provide your holster.

*Holster not included

How to assemble leg wrap using SAFARILAND Shroud.

Drop Down Med Bag

The Med Bag has enough room for a first aid kit and any essentials that you will need. With an adjustable leg wrap with a buckle along with two different points to adjust the height of the leg wrap, It can be used on the go for any situation. There are also Molle straps on the back of the bag to have more carrying options.

Active Shooter Drop Down

The Active Shooter Leg Wrap comes in two different sizes and three colors. (black not Pictured)  There are two  different sizes one for a 30 round rifle magazine and the other for a 20 round magazine. 

 Each one comes with 5 Pockets Total, 2 pockets are for Riffle Magazines  which can hold 2 magazines each. 2 Pockets for a double stack pistole Magazine With the 5th pocket being an ammo dump that can close with Velcro and two snap buttons.

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